Most companies strive to hit targets, budgets, sales forecasts and whatever other metrics that might be important to their particular business.

They will spend money recruiting the right people, the very best individuals with the right skills. They will spend money training these people, further developing the skills they already have. They will spend money advertising their services.

Then the success comes……

Well for some companies’ success comes, but not for all. Sometimes things just don’t work out quite as you have planned. Sadly, failure looms quicker than ever in the hustle and bustle of today’s business world.

There can of course be a myriad of reasons for failure! 

What about if one of the reasons was that even though you had the best individuals they just didn’t quite work as a team? As a business owner who has gone through the process of recruiting the “right individuals” that’s likely to feel pretty frustrating.

The companies that outperform their competitors generally have a better team ethic than others.

I’m quite sure you will have all heard the quote, “there is no I in team”.

One of the best ways Team Building at Dash Paintball Perthto get employees to understand the key benefits that team building can bring is to remove them from their “natural” working environment. Get them away from the stress and strain of the office for a while and give them the tools to learn more about their colleagues.

A survey in 2017 found that nearly half of all workers would like assistance with improving their “soft skills”. These are the ones that are related directly to communication and team building. For more of an insight into these numbers make sure you check out John Hilton’s great article “What stokes employees’ stress at work?” which can be found on the website.



In this blog we will take a look at the top 5 reasons why successful companies choose team building events. But of course, you already know that just by reading the headline!

Socialising and Getting to Know Each Other

Making friends in the office is recognised as one of the most productive ways of increasing every day performance.

People will nearly always “go the extra mile” for people that they like. So why not make it easier for each other to get to know the people they work with.

Very often in a busy environment there just isn’t the time to allow these relationships to develop. This is where a well organised team building event can make all the difference.

The Fostering of Innovation & Creativity

Most people will normally have a larger imagination when they are surrounded with people that they are comfortable with. It’s just human nature to avoid suggesting something that could be seen as “revolutionary”, if potentially they are sharing it with strangers.

Successful team building events have a tendency to give people the platform in which to share ideas. Whether these come out during the event itself, or are discussed and nurtured when back in the office is largely irrelevant. The important part here is that colleagues are much more likely to volunteer their creativity with others.

Competitive Spirit

Healthy competition is seen as a way to increase productivity.

Progressive companies that use team building are able to harness this extra productivity during all-inclusive, fun events allowing employees to bond in ways that would just be impossible during normal circumstances.

Boosting Team Performance

During most forms of team building, employees will work closely with others to solve problems and issues that arise. Very often this will allow individuals to better understand the interests, key strengths and of course weaknesses of their peers.

It is this knowledge, that when taken back to the working environment is so valuable. People have a greater understanding of others, which in turn helps to boost productivity and profitability.

Communication and Working Together

It is probably no real surprise that communication and getting the team to work better together is given as the number one reason to carry out a team building event.

Bringing people together in a fun, all-inclusive way will help to foster the start of great relationships.

A fantastic team event doesn’t have to cost the earth. But any investment that you make in this fashion is likely to be repaid multiple times with increased performance and a better working dynamic.

If you like the idea of organising a paintball team building event then Dash Paintball are here to help. Why not book your game now and give your team the boost that they deserve!


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