Break tradition during buck’s night! Opt for a more satisfying “last night as a single man” at Dash Paintball. If you want excitement and an incomparable adrenaline release before the big day, shooting up your mates with paintballs is the perfect choice. Everybody gets to have fun and no one will be regretting anything, come the morning. We can accommodate groups of any size; bring your entire club to the site and we will find a place for you. We have buck’s night packages, to ensure that you will not overspend on your last night out as a single.

Simply schedule your visit and we will handle everything. We will have your weapons ready, as well as all the gear needed. Once you are suited up, form groups and head straight to the battlefield. Our staff will help you choose the ideal level for everyone. The size and skill of the group are important, but we ensure to help you get something that best fits your budget and preferences.

Good for the Buck, Good for the Hen

We also welcome women looking to do something different on hen’s night. If you and your girlfriends have grown tired of the usual spa dates and are up for something not quite “girly,” but still want to have loads of fun, paintballing is the activity for you. Have your fill of our hen’s night games and activities while on our premises and have one big hurrah before your biggest day.

When Darkness Falls

Too hot during the day? Why not try our night games in the cool of the evening till late. The shadows only makes the playing field all the more challenging and all the more exciting. If you want to experience combat under floodlit fields, come to Dash Paintball. Just imagine the exhilaration of entering the village, your mission to clear the buildings and take out the enemy, your adrenalin pumping, senses screaming, listening for the slightest noise to give the game away, but you have to watch out, the shadows shoot back. The night brings the best out of any paintball player and if day fighting is becoming too easy, this is what you need to level up.

Perfect for Both Parties

Whether you are planning a paintball party for you and your mates, or you just want to amp-up the difficulty of paintball, night paintball is perfect. It is all good if you want to play it like regular paintball, but to up your game even more, go for our Universal Soldier Pack and have your pick of equipment for a more tactical approach to make playing paintball under lights.

Contact our office today to schedule your buck’s or hen’s parties. As well as your night paintball visit.