This is our starter field, the first as you walk through into the hot zone. We use this field to test fire and warm the teams up, get them used to the gear and try rev them up in competition (Red V Blue). One ref will take their team under their wing and as their playing try to coach and give tips to beat the other Ref. The first 5 min is respawn (get hit you go back to your start point then resume play), after that the following three min is sudden death or team death match.

Key points are:

  • Ø  The field is made out of pine and 44 gallon drums, a fort at each end and an elevated fort in the middle. 
  • Ø  Strategically designed for ease of flanking, but minimum cover past the halfway creating the need to outthink the opposing team.
  • Ø  The middle fort is elevated and has great field of fire if taken can give a great advantage over the opposition
  • Ø  Respawn gives every player the chance to take risks and immerse themselves into the game
  • Ø  Leaders emerge from the teams very quickly

The Pines Field is the perfect starting point for new paintballers. If you want to know more simply talk to our friendly team today!

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