Rocket Paintball Field

Missiles made of 44 gallon drums ready to launch at the opposing fort. If the defenders can’t protect their flanks, the opposing team can get within range of the respawn fort and knock out players to keep them out of the game! your team, you have the advantage of a 20m radius head start. You have one chance to hold the turret and keep the attackers at bay. Get hit and you’re out! Attackers have respawn throughout the entire game bringing wave after wave of attack with the objective being to snipe the defenders and take out as many as possible with each wave and make (touch) the turret alive, are you the one?

Having fun at paintball party

  • This is a respawn field.
  • On the final countdown, to win, both teams have to get as many players to the centre piece still alive (no hits or paint on their person or marker).


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