With 70 acres of natural bush, Dash Paintball has seven battlefields that can be your next playground. If you are looking for the best place to go paint balling in Perth, you will find this with us! We have levels for beginners, seasoned paintball players and veterans who want the best challenges, and we assure that our fields are all well-built to serve their purposes. As one of the go-to paintball centres in Perth, we have used our deep knowledge to create something that everyone will enjoy.

For non-members, there are five battlefields to choose from. The Pines and Bus fields are amateur level, as these fields are simple enough to navigate. If you are new to paintballing, these levels are excellent for wetting your boots. A few times in here will ready you for the harder battlefields in the area. The Bus field, on the other hand, takes inspiration from Mad Max and it will be as close as you can get to experiencing real action in a cinematic context.

Our members will enjoy access to two more arenas, the Urban Village and Airport fields. These levels will test your skills and are more preferable for experienced players. Teamwork is important here, as is better gear, so it is best to come prepared!

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