If you love playing paintball and want to be more involved, becoming a member is a great way to get started. Not only will becoming a member save you money, but you can meet and hang out with all the teams that regularly play and train at the field, which you can learn a lot from and make great new friends. You can join an existing team or even start your own, whether it be Bushball or Speedball. Being a member of Dash provides many offers, some of which include:

  • Discounted paint prices.
  • Discounted entry.
  • Discounted gear hire.
  • Access to the private hang out/gear up areas.
  • Access to field tools and air equipment (training in the use of air equipment included.)
  • Free marker repair support offered for certain models of markers.
  • Unrestricted access to 3 member only fields.
  • Access to any vacant corporate fields for private use.
  • Invites to Dash only day/night events.
  • Invites to tourment/scenario events held accross the paintball community, nation wide.
  • Access to the Dash Members and teams facebook pages.
  • Storage of privately owned paintball markers.
  • Paintball marker licensing support.
  • Recomendations for team recruiting.
  • Professional bushball/speedball training and more...

Contact us to find out more or begin the membership initiation! 0422 681 481