We know that it is of primary importance in holding a paintball party for kids to keep the experience enjoyable, but also to make it as risk-free as possible. At Dash Paintball, we put your children’s safety first, as nothing can be more important. This is why we want you to know that although we take precautions before starting any match, we do so even more when it involves kids. Come to the grounds to see how we conduct our business, to put your minds at ease. We assure you that this will be a fun time for children! This is live action role playing at its most real, perhaps.

While all physical activities and sports come with some form of risk, we will provide your children with all the safety gear and instruction they need. Additionally, the complimentary sausage sizzle lunch keeps them fighting fit for their next round.

For the Parents

Parents are highly encouraged to watch their children play kids’ paintball and witness their young warriors enjoying something other than the usual childhood games. Experiencing something this real will help children deal with tougher challenges they may encounter as they grow up, as well as help them develop a tighter sense of friendship with other kids their age.

Ultimately, the match is all in the spirit of good fun. As an organiser of kids’ paintball parties in Perth, we have seen kids enjoy their time on our battlefields. Watching your kids have fun may even convince you to take up a match for the adults.

If your child is new to paintball then we would recommend starting at one of our beginner Battlefields. The Pines Field, or The Bus Field are perfect for the younger ones to learn how to play paintball. However, it won’t be long before they start to want to play at some of our more advanced battlefields.

Let us have a conversation with you about having a paintball party for your kids. Safety is our priority and you can be sure of that. We reiterate that we provide gear specifically for kids, not makeshift equipment from leftover regular gear. Let us discuss how it will go, so we can assure you that everyone will go home happy and longing for more paintball action.

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