Improving Field Awareness

Are you looking to boost your skills and become a more valuable player out on the field? Whether you’re new to the game or just keen on improving your overall field awareness, we have some useful hints and tips to assist.


1. Understanding the Field

One of the most important aspects is understanding and memorising the layout of the field. To do this you will need to walk around the field prior to the game beginning and aim to strategize a general game plan. The field bunkers are strategically laid out and figuring out how to safely hop from bunker to bunker so you can safely get to where you want to go is paramount to success. With a good understanding of the field, it means one less thing to worry about during the game which can then enable you to focus on other aspects of field awareness.


2. Knowing the Location of the Opponent

Without a question, while your team is coming up with an effective strategy to eliminate the opposition, your opponents are doing likewise. Therefore, paying attention to where your opponents are out on the field is an important aspect to help both eliminate players and stay in the game.

Continually scanning your surroundings for signs of movement is crucial, while it’s also a good idea to stay low so you can spot people crawling. Listening is another important aspect. Whether it’s people quietly talking, leaves rustling or marker shots; listening carefully can be hugely beneficial to pinpointing the location of the opposition.


3. Knowing the Location of your Teammates

The importance of your teammates. Regardless of how skilled of a player you might be, if it’s one against many, there isn’t much chance of winning. Looking out for your fellow teammates and helping them stay in the game can lead to the path of victory. Whether that means rushing to their aid during an ambush or sharing some ammo when they are running low. Travelling and working together as a team is a fantastic strategy that can help you win many games.


4. A Numbers Game

Numbers can help you win the game, and is the reason why it’s important to pay constant attention to how many players are left on the field. Being armed with this powerful information means it can help you decide whether to be more cautious or courageous.


5. Knowing How Much Ammo is Available

The final point is paying attention to the amount of ammo you and your teammates have left. Running out of paintball ammo is one of the most costly mistakes you can make during a game. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you have enough before you game begins.

It’s easy to deplete your ammunition supply quicker than expected, but try to remain aware of how much you have left. When ammo is low it’s best to conserve your paintballs and shoot only when necessary. However, if you have plenty just fire away and take down all your opponents as they come!

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