Venue Hire


Birthday and corporate camp-overs! Fully closed off private property venue, we’ll shut the gate and cater to your needs! Food, drinks, music, bon-fire and more. The ultimate private party experience!



Dash Paintball Complex is the perfect venue for your birthday, whether you’re fifteen or fifty. And don’t forget to ask us about our popular Big-Birthday deals!



There is no better place to spend your Buck’s than at Dash. Rock up in dresses, gang up on the buck, and embellish your war stories afterwards.

And we haven’t forgotten about you, hens. Unorthodox? A little. Fun? Absolutely. Don’t sucumb to societal expectations.

Team Building


Learn teamwork, understand strategy, rely on others, build trust, and get shot for not being a team player. Hands down, there is no better team building exercise than paintball at Dash.

Whether you’re a sports team or the local firies, Dash Paintball is a team-strengthening experience you won’t forget.



All of the perks of team building with the added benefit of shooting irritating collegues. In the face.

Strengthen your workplace social cohesion, celebrate, or simply let loose with a fast-paced bushball session. And don’t forget to ‘accidentally’ hit the boss, no matter which team he or she is on.

Family Therapy


Does your twenty-five year old daughter still live at home? Did your dad ground you? Does your brother STILL leave the toilet seat up? Now’s your chance.

No, we are not joking.

Christmas Functions


Nothing says Merry Christmas like high-powered adrenaline fun and bruises to kick of the holiday spirit.

Shoot the fluffy balls off each others’ santa hats, or try to top the record for least bruises when running the gauntlet in a santa costume.

School Holidays


Get the kids off the video games and outside by letting them shoot things for real! Once they come once, it’ll be goodbye xBox and hello paintball.

We’re open all school holidays, so ask us about our deals and membership options!

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