Ensuring you go into battle with confidence on your side! All players will receive the highly impressive Tippmann BT40 paintball gun, which will provide users with unbelievable accuracy and firepower during their day out at Dash Paintball!

The gun is a well-rounded, rapid semi-automatic that ensures players of all levels to go into battle with confidence. It also offers players with a fast-firing paintball marker that is both lightweight and responsive during the heat of combat.

All of our units are meticulously maintained by our team of experts, while the piece itself is forged from aluminium and ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality, allowing you to manoeuvre around the paintball field and effortlessly pick off your rivals one-by-one.

Whether you enjoy being a sniper who likes to perform carefully timed shots, or more of an all-out commando type who loves running around guns blazing and shooting at every little thing that moves. We’re confident that the Tippmann BT40 will more than satisfy your paintballing needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and book a game today!

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