A certain amount of protection is needed for most sports, and the same is true for paintballing. We have heavily invested in our unique protective headgear which ensures you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable paintballing experience.

The masks are well-ventilated and comes complete with an optional chin strap which ensures the mask stay firmly attached throughout the course of a game. They are also incorporated with anti-fog lenses to provide users with perfect visibility at all times.

The Australian Paintball Association recommends that all players equip themselves with the full head protection and mask. Taking advantage of this protective gear will not only eliminate potentially painful headshots, but also make the experience much more enjoyable all around.

Without exception; the paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment when out on the field. The mask in combination with the rest of our gear and equipment will leave you looking great and feeling invincible when out on one of our many paintball fields.

We take every measure to ensure your day out is fun-filled and action-packed, whilst also prioritising safety at the same time.

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