As part of the Dash Paintball experience we will provide you with a full-length camouflage bodysuit; merging comfort and ergonomic design to ensure you’re ready for action throughout the paintballing experience.

The actual suit is completely custom-made specifically to our requirements and fully protects the users clothing during play. The full combat suit has well-placed protective padding, while the design allows for users to get in and out of the overalls quickly and easily.

The well-designed camouflage suit will enable you to flank around the paintball field stealthily allowing you to take your enemy by surprise. However, in the strategic and competitive world of paintball, it’s always best to be on full alert as an attack can come from virtually any direction.

Of course, there are a range of sizes available. Our combat suits are also included as part of the package and will transform you into a paintballing commando. We believe having the right gear will increase the enjoyment and engagement of the paintballing experience.

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