During your next paintball excursion at Dash Paintball, you have the option of a full ammunition pack. Armed with this ammunition pack it ensures you have plenty of ammo during the heat of combat!

Paintball pods can make both carrying and reloading quick and easy. They are spring loaded to ensure reloading your paintball gun is effortless leaving you to focus on the most crucial parts of the game at hand. The pods are small tubes which allow the user to hold extra paintballs; typically holding up to 150 paintball rounds.

This is an essential piece of equipment for all levels of paintball users. Whether you are a heavy or light shooter, for sure you will need a convenient way to carry additional paintballs with you. The ammunition packs and pods are the most ideal pieces of equipment regardless of the field and scenario you are placed upon.

At Dash Paintball, we believe in providing you with the best experience possible as well as having access to the most well-designed and best paintballing equipment. Being armed with a paintball ammunition pack and pod setup, it will ensure you are ready for anything!

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